Mineral Basin Snow Ride


I’ve been riding my fatbike every week since it started snowing in the mountains, usually from Pine Hollow on the Alpine Loop Road, or on the Sundance of the Alpine Loop. There have been some nice groomed singletrack at the campground on the Sundance side.

It has been a couple seasons since I’ve ridden from the Tibble Fork trailhead. When I arrived, the parking lot was packed, mostly snowmobile traffic, but once I headed up toward Mineral Basin it was pretty quiet. In fact, in 3.5 hours of riding, only 5 snowmobiles passed, and I encountered two back country skiers. Not bad.

One of the steeper sections, up this narrow canyon (though it doesn’t look that steep in the photo).
Lots of snow in the mountains.

It was quite warm, 40 degrees at the parking lot, and like a lot of riding around here, it’s all uphill, until you turn around. Conditions were excellent, hard packed, even corduroy groomed track on the edges of the road. It was a nice ride, 2.5 hours up, and 1 hour back. I hadn’t remembered how sustained the climbing was. It finally levels off when the road splits into Mineral Basin, then after a mile or so, gets pretty steep. That’s where it got soft and I started punching through the snow, so I turned around. I always love to be out in the Winter and it was a nice ride.






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