Maiden Voyage of the Atlantis

In Highland, UT on the Murdock Canal Trail

A couple of sons and my brother and I were planning a short Winter bike tour down south in the desert where it is warmer, but things didn’t work out for that trip, so I wanted to do something with two days I had open. I decided on a mini urban bike tour to break in my Rivendell Atlantis on a long-ish ride.

On Thursday, January 3, I left my house in Provo and rode the Provo River Trial to the Murdock Canal Trail to the Jordan River Trail to Salt Lake City. We are fortunate to have such good bike paths where we can ride from Provo in the South all the way to Ogden up North, more than 100 miles, on dedicated bike paths with no car traffic. I’ve done the ride to Salt Lake and beyond a few times, but never in Winter.

I pulled a rack off my old touring bike, which was not a great fit. Lone Peak panniers and a Roadrunner Jammer bag up front.
Cockpit setup with Oveja Negra top tube bag and stem bag along with a Revelate Mountain Feed Bag. 
One of many bridges over the Jordan River

The riding was excellent with plowed and clear paths, with open restrooms all the way to Jordan Narrows where Utah County meets Salt Lake County. That is when the trail maintenance stopped.

County line at Jordan Narrows
Heading into Salt Lake valley

The Jordan River Trail into Salt Lake valley was pretty sketchy at times, snow covered, slippery, and sometimes chunky from foot traffic. It was much slower going than I had anticipated. But is was a beautiful clear day with blue skies, albeit a bit chilly. It was 19 degrees when I left my house, but warmed up to 28 degrees. With some layering I managed to stay comfortable throughout the ride.




Toward the end of the ride I noticed lots of snow and ice built up between the fenders and tires. 

Just before I arrived at 200 South I got a flat tire. It was dusk and getting cold, so I pumped it up and kept riding. I had to stop about every 10 minutes to pump it up. I limped into downtown and my daughters apartment just before 6 pm. In total I rode about 58 miles and it took me about six and a half hours.

I stayed with my daughter and her husband, had a delicious dinner at Copper Onion, then took the train home the next day. It was a nice short trip. The Atlantis performed well. It felt a lot like my old Xtracycle cargo bike, with that long stable smooth ride. I think I need a longer stem as the sweep back on the Bosco bars along with the bar end shifters brings them back a bit too much. Being in an upright riding position for that long was quite comfortable and I can see that these bars will be very nice for long distance touring.


Comfortable bivy for the night
North Temple Train Station
Grateful for bike cars on the commuter train

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