Abandoned house outside Swan Valley, ID

I’m not sure why I am fascinated by abandoned buildings. It may have something to do with the fact that my mother loved old, abandoned buildings and would try to get us kids to explore them with her. One time in the tiny town of Moroni, UT, she coaxed into climbing through the gaping window of an old abandoned house that was across the street from my grandparents house. We were pretty scared but she convinced us it would be okay (the doors were boarded up). Inside we were amazed to find all the furniture, dishes, blankets, and so on, as if the occupants had just left for a moment but never came back. There were even old pictures still on the walls. It was obvious that it had been abandoned for a long time. The dust was thick, the cobwebs were abundant, and rodent droppings littered the floors. My mom then tried to get us to go down into the basement—steep concrete stairs descending into a black void. No way. We ran and jumped through the window where we had come in.

Whenever I come across an old abandoned house, I just have to stop and check it out. They make such great photography subjects. The  house above was just sitting off the highway a few hundred yards in the Swan Valley of Southeastern Idaho. We stopped to check it out.

Swan Valley abandoned house
Inside the Swan Valley house

I always wonder who lived there and why did they leave. I don’t always go into abandoned houses. Sometimes they are just too creepy. The house below was along the old National Highway between Zanesville and Columbus, Ohio. Outside the house was very overgrown, and it did not look very stable. I was too chicken to venture inside. All I could think of was big snakes, serial killers, and skeletons.

Ohio abandoned house
Overgrown abandoned Ohio house
Gaping windows like dark staring eyes
Abandoned barn in Victor, ID

I guess the motel in the photo below was not technically abandoned, just closed for the Winter season.

Motel in West Yellowstone, MT, closed for the winter
Abandoned log cabin outside Duchesne, UT

This last photo was shot with my film camera, a Canon AE-1, with Ilford Delta 400 black and white film.

Abandoned log cabin near Bluebell, UT

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