Park City, a tandem, and a picnic

Picnic in Park City

My wife used to walk, jog and ride her bike regularly, usually six days a week. After a serious car accident and a brain injury, she lost some of her sense of balance. This prevented her from riding a bike. Last year I found a pretty cheap tandem on an online classified. We really enjoyed riding a tandem together (me as captain, her as stoker), but it was a pretty crummy bike with only 6 gears. So we invested in a better tandem with full mountain bike gearing. After looking at and riding a couple different models, including a Trek and a Raleigh, we decided on the Raleigh Companion. (It is not easy finding bike shops that stock tandems). It has Sram X-5 components with Tekro brakes. We didn’t need anything high end as I anticipated we would only be riding it maybe once a week during the warmer months. I’ve been very happy with it, except for the big fat mushy seats. I have a hard time with them (i.e. not comfortable). I installed a basket up front specifically for picnicking.

The Raleigh Companion tandem

We live about an hour drive from Park City and like to go up there every now and then. Our city does not recycle glass so when our glass recycling bin is full we take a trip up to Park City, drop if off, go out to lunch, and maybe go shopping or just walk around and window shop. A nice thing about Park City is that it is usually 10-15 degrees cooler than in Utah Valley where we live.

On one of these occasions, we decided to bring the tandem and go for a ride and picnic in Park City. It was a nice warm Summer day. We started just outside downtown Park City near the intersection of Kearns and Park Ave. We got on the paved bike path and rode out  to the historic McPolin Farm, then under Park Ave. and along McLeod Creek. This section is hard packed dirt and very beautiful along a nice creek. We followed this trail all the way to the Newpark area at Kimball Junction. We then followed Highland Drive to N. Old Ranch Road to W. Old Ranch Road. My wife was getting pretty tired, so we headed for a park we had passed on our way out. We found a nice shady spot on the grass under some trees and had a wonderful, relaxing, and delicious picnic (as seen in the photo at the top).

Park City valley looking east away from the Wasatch Mountains

To us, the best picnic food is a good, crusty artisanal bread, some good cheese, fruit, a good bar of dark chocolate, and maybe some olives or salami or even some smoked salmon.

One of our favorite goat cheeses
Goat cheese and smoked salmon on bread
A decent bar of dark chocolate

We also had some raspberry lemonade. We pack the food in an insulated lunch box. The French Opinel folding knife is the perfect tool for a picnic.

The Opinel folding knife

After our picnic, my wife took a little nap in the grass.

After a nice rest we got on the bike and rode back to the car. It was a nice day out in Park City.


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